Vanilla Ice Cream

Three days ago I had an idea: why don’t i prepare some home made ice cream? I love vanilla flavor, but here in Italy it is not a very common flavor and also it isn’t very good as in USA. I loved it, I used to eat a lot of vanilla ice cream when I was there and now I miss it. So I found a recipe on a website and I tried to make vanilla ice cream on my own. It tasted very good. So here there’s my recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream. Obviously you need an ice cream maker, i have one, but it is very old and it’s not automatic.

Ingredients for 500gr:

  • 250ml milk
  • 250ml sweetened cream
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 2 pods of vanilla
  • 70gr sugar


Open the vanilla pods and, using a knife or a spoon, pick up all the seeds inside, and put them into a bowl where you will add the cream. Whip yolks with sugar. Put milk in a pot and bring it under the boiling point, then add it to the mix of eggs and sugar. Whip it well and pour it again in the pot, and leave it on the fire for about 5 min, until the cream gets thicker. Pour the custard in a bowl and add the cream whipping it well. Put the bowl in your sink full of water, to warm the custard up.

Leave it about 10 min gently mixing, then prepare your ice cream maker and pour the custard into it…the ice cream is almost ready, if you have an automatic machine, you should wait about 20 min and then you will transfer the ice cream in a container, and will put it in the freezer for few hours. If you have a manual machine you have to turn it for 4 times every 2 minutes, for about 35 min and then do the same as before.

Enjoy your ice cream!


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