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tiramisu.jpgFirtstable, I’m not English and my English is not good, ’cause I forgot a lot of words not speaking it every day. But I’m trying to translate my recipes in order to allow foreigner people to cook Italian dishes!

It’s a little bit hard to convert from grams to American measures, because in USA they use “cups” and 1 cup of milk is 240ml but 1 cup of butter is different, because its weight is not the same as milk! Anyway, I’m trying so, American people, if you are reading my recipes and there are mistakes, please tell me!

Tiramisu is a very famous Italian dessert, sometimes my bf asks me to make it for him, and in 2 days he eats it all…. I don’t like this dessert….but for my bf mine is the best in the world!

Ingredients :

  • 2 cups + 1/4 cup of mascarpone (a type of cheese)savoiardi
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 20 savoiardi (typical Italian biscuits)—————->
  • Italian coffee
  • cocoa powder

Split the egg whites from the yolks, in a bowl whip up yolks with sugar, add mascarpone and mix well. whip up egg whites adding a pinch of salt , amalgamate them to the other compound prepared before, trying not to “dismantle” the egg whites. Meanwhile, prepare an Italian coffee machine (a 6 cups one), when the coffee is ready chill it in a plate. Cover the savoiardi in the recipientsbottom of the case with savoiardi, to have an idea of how many biscuits you need for tiramisu, then dip savoiardi into the coffee, attempting not to dip them too much, 2 seconds from each side are enough and after that place them into the recipient. Using a palette knife dispose the cream over the biscuits, after which you can continue with an other layer of savoiardi and cover with the remained cream. But I prefer only one layer, so the dessert is lighter. In the end sprinkle cocoa on the tiramisu, if you want you can add small drops of cocoa or other decorations as you prefer. Keep it on the fridge and serve cold.

Buon appetito!


kevlardev 28-09-2008, 01:47

Thank you so much for this recipe! No one is happier than my wife, she LOVES tiramisu, I’m going to score big points with this one!


w00fz 31-03-2011, 11:16

Man I was just reading the recipe and now I’m all on Tiramisu’!! Need to get the wife making some!!

madeleineselwyn.wikidot.com 20-12-2019, 11:56


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